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Siegfried and Roy’s White Lion Dies


Legend went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during medical procedure

Siegfried & Roy With White LionSiegfried and Roy’s famous white lion, Legend died at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio after undergoing a medical procedure. The big cat was 14 years old was featured in the duo’s iconic Las Vegas act.

Veterinarians at the zoo, where the lion was on loan, were treating the lion’s paws. Legend went into cardiac and respiratory arrest while being removed from the anesthesia, the Guardian reports. Siegfried & Roy, still based in Las Vegas, were not immediately available for comment on Legend’s death.
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The lion’s cause of death is still being determined, and the Guardian reports that the veterinarian at the zoo said that while there were risks to anesthesia, the procedure needed to be done to improve the cat’s quality of life.

The zoo has one other white lion, Legend’s 14-year-old brother Courage. The pair came to the zoo in 2003. A white lion named Wisdom died during surgery at the zoo in 2013.

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