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Star Wars Is Source For Magic Pranks


As all of you certainly realize, the Internet is suffering from a serious case of Star Wars fever with release of The Force Awakens. Magician and Prankster Rahat has been looking to the Star Wars franchise for source material for his live guerilla magical pranks by performing Jedi tricks and pranks for random people across Los Angeles. Rahat is well known for his magical pranks that appear on the Penguin Magic website.

In this first video Rahat dressed as a Jedi and freaked out some customers around the hot dog joint by using his “Force Powers” to get a bottle of ketchup. The reaction of the other customers is priceless as he explains that he is a “Jedi in Training”. Enjoy the prank—

We can only assume that this next video was the result of Rahat eating that hotdog. He has sudden stomach cramps and had to run into the closest porta-potty to relieve himself. What he didn’t realize is that he would end up “Han Soloed” and frozen in carbonite.

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Since the Jedi are basically wizards using the powers of the Force, Rahat traded his magician’s hat and tux for a Jedi robe. In this next video Rahat offered passersby the opportunity to take part in a simple levitation trick. He attempts to levitate a toy X-Wing Fighter an audience member is holding. He succeeds in making the toy rise up in the air but only if the person holding it rises too.

This video might be his very best of all. We have seen Rahat use the Force to bewilder customers of a hotdog stand, levitate an X-Wing Fighter and even get turned into Carbonite. Now, he has taken inspiration from Obi-Wan’s A New Hope scene with this most recent magical act. He amazingly vanishes from the Jedi robe he’s wearing. The reactions of the people here are fun to watch. After performing an amateurish vanish at a souvenir shop (that was basically just shoplifting), Rahat ran away in his Jedi robes and suddenly disappeared. Just like Obi Wan did in A New Hope.

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