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Steve Cohen Hits Milestone


Chamber Magic Celebrates 5,000 Shows

by Joel Zaritsky

On Friday, October 6th, Steve Cohen (The Millionaires’ Magician) celebrated his 5,000th show Chamber Magic at the beautiful Lotte New York Palace in Manhattan.  The President of The Society of American magicians, Richard Bowman, Second Vice-President Joel Zaritsky and his wife Nadine were graciously invited to witness the amazing prestidigitation in a parlor setting. MI Bowman presented Steve with a Presidential Citation honoring him for this tremendous achievement.

Steve Cohen has mystified audiences all over the world. His show Chamber Magic is consistently reviewed as one of New York City’s best kept secrets (he does no advertising – it’s all by word of mouth) and best theatrical events. His audiences, now totaling over 500,000 , include people such as Warren Buffett, Stephen Sondheim, and the Queen of Morocco.

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At this particular performance every guest received a 5000th souvenir deck of cards – a specially made deck from Theory Eleven.

After the show we were treated to champagne, desserts, and a one of a kind Chamber Magic cake fabricated by Food Network star Ron Ben-Israel. We even got to meet Steve’s parents who came to help celebrate the event. It was wonderful talking to them to hear of Steve’s dedication to the art of magic, and his passion to create the amazing show that it is today. Steve also discussed the thought and care that went into the formation of the show. If you are ever in New York City, this is a must-see. CLICK HERE to get tickets.

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