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Steven Spence & Anthony Darkstone at The Inner Sanctum


S.A.M. First Vice President, Steven Spence and S.A.M. Internatinal Deputy, Anthony Darkstone at The Magic Circle

Anthony Darkstone is the International Deputy representing Europe for The Society of American Magicians. He was recently invited as one of the Guest Speakers at The Magic Circle in London. Many notable magicians have been featured in this series which is held on Monday nights. The session is streamed live on The Magic Circle Face Book page,a Closed Group exclusively for Members of The Magic Circle. If you are a Member of TMC you can request to join and access and view not only Anthony Darkstone’s Talk but sessions from others in this highly praised series Produced by Roberto Forzoni .

The topic chosen by Anthony Darkstone was, ‘Magic Etiquette’ which was based on an article of the same name he wrote & that was published in M-U-M in February 2008. The article received much critical acclaim and to quote, Walter “Zaney” Blaney”, “Excellent article. It should be required reading for all Performers!” The see that original article PLEASE CLICK HERE. Click on “Open Sesame” and then “Media” then scroll down for the M-U-M issue.

Anthony Darkstone with Dr. Lionel Russell, Curator Emeritus who is holding a deck a deck of cards that is over 200 years old

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After his Talk Anthony Darkstone was invited on an exclusive tour of The Inner Sanctum which was conducted by Dr. Lionel Russell, Curator Emeritus. In the audience was Steven Spence the First Vice President of the S.A.M. With the approval of TMC Executives, Anthony invited Steve to join him.

As you can imagine referring to The Inner Sanctum as a veritable Treasure Trove would be somewhat of an understatement.

Many truly secret antique artifacts and props used by the legends of Magic were shown to them. Among them was Ted Lesley’s original Bending Wine Glass. Protocol forbids revealing the entire contents of The Inner Sanctum. Suffice to say it was, as one would expect, a veritable Treasure trove. However, without breaking trust one of the more easily recognizable objects is shown in the accompanying photos. If you can correctly identify the original owner of the Mask, please send your answer on a $20 bill to The SAM Magic Endowment Fund.

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