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Teller Discusses The Tempest and Magic


The Chicago Shakespeare Theater is presenting Teller’s THE TEMPEST, one of the best-reviewed shows of the fall season.

“The Tempest” is Shakespeare’s most magical play, a romantic drama about Prospero, an exiled duke with supernatural powers who seeks to protect his daughter.  Teller, of Penn and Teller is helping tell the story with theatrical illusions and live magic on stage.

“Chicago Tonight” visited the Chicago Shakespeare production and the usually quiet magician had a lot to say about the play and the art of Magic.

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Teller says, “What gives magic its edge is that it’s not a comfortable form to watch. You don’t just sit back and let magic wash over you because it’s seriously contradicting all your experience, so what you see is coming into collision with what you know and there’s a sort of explosion that’s very exciting, but it also jars you out of your seat. You don’t watch a magic event like this [strikes a relaxed pose] you watch it on the edge because you’re watching both as a complicit participant and as somebody who’s trying to catch it out, and the excitement of that tension gives it a whole different way to watch a show.”


Performances of “The Tempest” at Chicago Shakespeare Theater continue through Nov. 8. Get information on tickets, dates and directions here.

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