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The Disappearing Illusionist


The Disappearing IllusionistThere is a new magic themed feature film making the film festival rounds.

In mid–winter the German illusionist Dirk Ohm arrives in the small town of Grong, a place ridden by the disappearance of a young local woman – Maria. Dirk soon finds himself searching for Maria side by side with the villagers and slowly he falls in love with the missing woman.

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The script is based on the true case a German magician who went missing from the small central Norwegian town of Grong in the deep midwinter of 2003. He had already been rescued after almost freezing to death in his car, leading to a short stay in hospital, as the film depicts. The real Ohm’s final disappearing act later proved to be a successful suicide bid, a bleak endgame that Peers and Johannessen avoid addressing directly in their playfully speculative reworking of the facts.

The Disappearing Illusionist - MariaWhen the red-haired 25-year-old young woman Marie goes mysteriously missing, her desperate parents come to believe Ohm can use his magic skills to help locate their daughter. He initially refuses, protesting that he is a mere amateur trickster, then grudgingly agrees to their request in a bid to reassure them. In an enticingly eerie twist, Ohm and Marie appear to be conducting a clandestine romance in scenes which could be dreams, hallucinations or ghostly visitations. Are these just the fantasies of a heartbroken loner? Has Ohm himself abducted the girl, as the local police seem to suspect?

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