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The Magic Kid


OK, We already know this story isn’t about magic. It is instead about a song about magic.

hayes_carll-640x428Hayes Carll is a singer songwriter from Austin, Texas. Earlier this year he released a song called The Magic Kid that he co-wrote with the legendary singer/songwriter Darrell Scott and we think it is a great song for all young magicians.

Hayes’s nine-year-old son Elijah was the inspiration for the song. In the video clip, his son plays the role of a magician, since that is how he sees himself. In a recent interview Hayes confirmed this by saying, “The song was inspired by my son Eli, his love of magic, and the courage it takes to just be yourself in this world.”

Eli loves the art of magic and loves performing tricks for his friends. While the song was inspired by Eli and his magic, the song is really about being fearless to do what you love to do and being open to a sense of wonder.

Check out the lyrics to The Magic Kid.

The Magic Kid

Written by Hayes Carll and Darrell Scott.


Pick a card, any card

Don’t show it to me


I’ve got nothing up my sleeve

And I may get it wrong or get it right

But either way I’m standing in the light

Where nothing is hid

I’m the magic kid


That’s my kid with the cards

He’s nine years old

With a head full of wonder

And a heart of gold

And there’s not a trick that he can’t figure out

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And he’s never stopped the show for fear or doubt

Like the rest of us did

He’s the magic kid


And who we are is who we are

Why is that so hard to be

When I watch him shine his star

It’s so magical to me

And who we are is who we are

Why is that so hard to be

When I watch you shine your star

It’s so magical to me


This world can be so full of darkness

And blown out flames

Trading dreams for pecking orders

And school yard games

But you shine your light for everyone to see

The only one I’ve known who’s truly free

Yeah, You just start where you will always be

You’re the magic kid


Pick a card, any card

Don’t show it to me

Photo credit: James Minchin.

Photo credit: James Minchin.

In his signature laid-back style Carll, picks his acoustic guitar while delivering his touching tribute using magic to tell the story of actual wonder in his life. Any parent will understand the beauty of this song and Carll works the emotion with subtle brilliance. We all need to remember that sense of wonder, we all need magic.

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