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The Penn & Teller Google Interview


Penn & Teller Snapping SelfiesPenn & Teller On Broadway has recouped its $2.85 million capitalization. The legendary magic duo began performances at the Marquis Theatre on July 7. They disappear from Broadway on August 16 at the Marquis Theatre to head back to Las Vegas.

One of the things that has helped them be so successful on this run is the way they have dominated the media. They have appeared on main stream television programs including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The View and they have done tons of interviews for everyone from USA Today to NPR. Of course, their show Penn & Teller: Fool Us has helped sales too Recently Penn & Teller stopped by the Google NYC office to discuss their limited-run Broadway show. this is an excellent lengthy interview in which Teller speaks almost as much as Penn.

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Penn Jillette and one-name wonder Teller first appeared on Broadway in 1987, after they were a hit off-Broadway in 1985. They returned to the Great White Way in 1991 with The Refrigerator Tour.

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