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The World Needs Magic – BRAD JACOBS


Brad Jacobs Performing in PhiladelphiaBrad Jacobs is a remarkable man. He attended Harvard University, where he earned the Degree of B.A. in English, supporting himself by working magic shows. He would average six shows a month and booked Saturday Kid Matinees into many of the theaters in the Boston area. He also landed several individual TV appearances. Jacobs joined SAM Assembly #9 in Boston in 1952 which means that he has been a member of The Society of American Magicians for over 60 years.

North American FISM Close-Up Champion, Shin Lim, receives his award from Brad Jacobs at the Combined Convention Awards CeremonyIn 1953 he served in the army and after getting out moved to New Jersey and went to work for Proctor & Gamble. Brad transferred his S.A.M. Assembly membership to Parent Assembly #1 in New York City in 1957, and by 1959 he was the stage manager for the Annual Public Show. In 1961 he became the youngest president of Parent Assembly since Houdini. He also produced the Salute to Magic show for the Parent Assembly.

Then, in 1964, he chaired the Entertainment Committee of the joint S.A.M./l.B.M. World’s Fair Magic Congress while working in the Advertising and Sales Promotion Department of the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co. His job involved traveling with opportunities to meet magicians in many cities.

He served as National Deputy and two terms as Regional Vice President and became S.A.M. National President for 1970-71 which makes him the longest living Past National President.

In this edition of The World Needs Magic he discusses his magic, his influences and other aspects of The Art of Magic.

Brad organized the S.A.M. National Conventions in Philadelphia in 1968, 1972 and 1976 and became the Executive Director of the S.A.M. National Conventions from 1985 – 2002. The “Brad Jacobs’s People’s Choice Awards” are now given out at the annual S.A.M. conventions.

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He was elected into the S.A.M. Hall of Fame and in 2003 was appointed as the S.A.M. Ambassador of Magic for his lifetime. In 2008 he was voted as Parent Assembly #1 “Magician of the Year”.

He currently serves as President of FISM North America and has been on the jury of several magic conventions in Europe and Asia and the USA.

Brad Jacobs is a treasure to the art of magic and to The Society of American Magicians. He really is “Mr. S.A.M.”.

THE WORLD NEEDS MAGIC is a documentary that will celebrate The Art of Magic and how The Society of American Magicians has helped to elevate and advance that art.

Executive Producer: Dal Sanders
Producer/Director/Editor: Jason Van Sickel
Graphics: Marc Rouse & Chris Marrs
Special thanks to The S.A.M. Magic Endowment Fund for helping get this project started

  1. Thomas Gentile says:

    An awesome asset to our organization. A magician who has shared many moments with many talents throughout the world while remaining down to Earth. He has always been there to assist with whatever was asked and throughout it all-has remained a gentleman while doing so. He is able to meet with elders and yet relate to many SYM members with a knowledge and expertise to advance our organization and our art onto the world stage. NEVER too busy to lend a helping hand or offer a watchful eye to assist to make one better.
    Thank you Brad for a vocation well chosen and well suited to enhance all who have met u.

  2. Dan Sclare says:

    Thank you for you do and have done for our society.
    Thank you for supporting me as Life Membership Chairman.

  3. Clark B. May says:

    Excellent! Well produced and inspiring!

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