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Vinny Grosso Get’s Naked on National Television…Again


Comedic magician Vinny Grosso left it on all the stage for his audition on America’s Got Talent. Well, he left all his clothes on stage for the AGT audition. This is not Vinny’s first time being naked on television as he was a contestant on Penn & Teller: Fool Us where he did this same routine. Of course, on Fool Us, Grosso successfully fooled the duo. To read The Magic Compass review of Vinny’s Appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and read an excerpt from his book “Exposed and Fearless PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Vinny Grosso’s AGT backstory talked about how he, as a magician had to put his dream on hold to be a father. His routine, known as “Tasteless” features a lot of theatrics for a rather simple card trick.

The routine involved bringing Howie on stage to pick a card and then vouch that Vinny wasn’t wearing a wire or any other signaling device (after stripping naked on stage).

What seemed like a normal routine at first took a weird turn after Grosso asked Howie Mandel to come on stage to assist him. The magician held out a deck of cards and asked Mandel to pick one, without looking at it, and place it in his pocket. A normal magic trick, right?

But then Grosso handed Mandel a flashlight and asked him to check his ears for any listening devices, and Mandel didn’t find any. Grosso then mentioned how he could be wearing a wire or some other signaling device, and while he claimed he wasn’t, he said the audience and other judges didn’t look convinced.

To prove he wasn’t wearing a wire, Grosso ripped off the tuxedo with one move (like a male stripper) to become shirtless a la a Chippendale’s dancer. Vinny was now on stage in just shoes, underwear, cuffs and a bow tie. He finished undressing totally behind a translucent screen. “If people are just tuning in now, it’s not what it looks like,” Mandel said to the camera.
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He then correctly guessed the card Howie chose, presumably using his acute sense of taste. Because of his charm and entertainment value the judges agreed that he deserved a chance to show more of his tricks in the next round.

Here is the segment from America’s Got Talent.

Before becoming a professional magician, Grosso went to Villanova and graduated with a degree in engineering. That’s where he learned to create his own original illusions. Vinny is a Part President of The Society of American Magicians.

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