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The World Needs Magic — George Schindler

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George Schindler Receives the “Lifetime Achievement Fellowship” From The AMA

Tom Ogden, AMA Bord of Trustees Member, presents the Lifetime Achievement Fellowship to George Schindler.

The Dean of The Society of American Magicians, George Schindler was honored by The Academy of Magical Arts on Sunday April 2, 2017 with the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts. The 49th Annual AMA Awards Show was held at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Created in 1985, the Lifetime Achievement Fellowship is given to a person whose entire life had been dedicated to magic, either as a performer, a preservationist or a historian. Magic Castle co-founder William W. Larsen, Jr. received the first presentation, followed by Don Lawton, Castle co-founder Milt Larsen, Francis Marshall and others. Tom Ogden presented the award.

Throughout his long career, George has been a stage magician, magic consultant, comedian, actor, ventriloquist, magic retailer and an author. In the latest episode of the documentary, The World Needs Magic, George talks about his magical life.
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George Schindler has been a fixture on the magic scene, on TV, in film and performing at venues around the world. He serves as the Lifetime Dean of the Society of American Magicians, founded The School for Magicians in the 1970s and has penned several noted books on the art of magic. He continues to coach aspiring magicians and ventriloquists and lecture on performance technique and the history of magic. Prior to the opening of the Magic Castle, he consulted with Milt Larsen on the project. The show is featuring performances by & recognizing the accomplishments of the world’s most renowned magicians from 10 countries.

To commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of George’s Appointment to Dean of The Society of American Magicians, a commemorative Dean George Schindler coin has been minted and is available from These special coins are collectable, individually numbered and sold in a hard-plastic case. The Society of American Magicians would like to congratulate George Schindler, We are proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to The Art of Magic and the S.A.M.

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