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Worst Show In Vegas


This show isn’t what you expect when you hear the name. In actuality, this show is quite entertaining. This show stars Yurdi Worst, a magician from Austria, and his long lost younger siblings, Judy and Brock, as they live their dream of having their own big show in Las Vegas.

The Worst Show is a late afternoon, family-friendly variety show that is appropriate for all ages and filled with family dynamics we can all relate to, even if your brother isn’t a magician. It is currently being staged Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 4:00 pm in the intimate Night Owl Showroom of Hooters Casino Hotel.

Rory Johnston stars as Yurdi Worst, a magician from Austria. Rory started his show business career when he joined the circus at age seventeen. He was trained in the world of theme parks at Walt Disney World, where he worked for four years. He has appeared in Las Vegas shows at the Lady Luck, Monte Carlo, Tropicana, Gold Coast, Sun Coast and Sam’s Town.

Rory is joined by Sarah Jessica Rhodes Smith as Judy Worst. SJ is no stranger to the Las Vegas stage. She has acted, sang, danced and choreographed in several productions ranging from West Side Story to the Sound of Music.

Comedic Juggler Jacob Jax plays Brock Worst in this show. Jacob cut his teeth in show business doing over five thousands shows on the street in Las Vegas. His talents include comedy, magic, juggling and masterfully controlling a crowd.

Rounding out the show is Botielus as cousin Weedi Worst. Botielus is Las Vegas’ most rockin’ accordionist, playing lots of rock and pop not usually associated with the squeezebox. He has appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and many other television and radio shows.

For those of you that enjoy collecting special, limited edition decks of cards, you can get The Worst Deck. This is a specially designed deck of cards that celebrates this brand-new show with Yurdi Worst and his multi-talented family! This is a Kickstarter campaign that has been launched to help promote this show. For supporting this project you get a deck, a T-shirt, and you can get vouchers to see the show in Vegas too. If that’s not enough, each deck comes with special rules for the Worst Game! CLICK HERE to support this Kickstarter Campaign.

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Sarah Hester Ross is the Musical Director.  She is a world traveling entertainer residing in Las Vegas performing as a Singer/Actress, Musical Comedian, Dueling and Solo piano player, and other live performances as a singer/songwriter. She’s an all around Entertainer!

Special Makeup and Hair Effects are by Ron Wild, an Emmy Award winning special effects and make-up artist. He works in both the movie and live entertainment businesses having developed looks for Home Alone and Cirque Du Soleil.

Lynetta Welch is responsible for Costumes & Fabric Effects. Lynetta is known amongst magicians as The Fabric Expert. Her creative magic solutions have been sought out by many of the top names in magic, including Penn & Teller, The Amazing Johnathan, and Mat Franco. Often her creations are seen, but even more often, they are the invisible secrets that make the magic work.

Exective Producers for The Worst Show in Vegas are Vinny Grosso, Brian Daniel South and Nick Lange.

Associate Producers include Sandra Grosso Hugh & Peggy Quigley, Jeffrey Sobel, Jeff Jones, Clint Rogers and Stan & Lisa South

No matter how many shows you see in Vegas, THIS will be the show you tell your friends about. After all, it is the only show in Las Vegas accompanied by a live accordion player (at least that we know of).

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