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Michael Giles Succumbs To Cancer


michael-giles-9Michael Giles was a magician, an illusionist, a creator and an entertainer. He was an artist. He was also a husband, a father, grandfather and a friend to many in the industry. In October 2016, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. He and his wife Melanie Immediately began to battle the deadly disease but the cancer progressed faster than anticipated and this past week, after months of painful treatments, he made the difficult decision to stop treatments. Doctors had done all that they could so Hospice Care took over. On Sunday, January 8th, his physical journey finally came to an end at 4:02pm (PST). He is survived by his wife, Melanie Giles, his son Tylor Giles and his grandson Zackary. Michael was 56.

The Magic Compass wrote about Michael and Melanie’s fight against Pancreatic Cancer in November. To read that article PLEASE CLICK HERE. That article shared information about efforts to help Michael and Melanie raise the needed funds to help offset Michael’s medical expenses. Over $30,000 was raised of a $50,000 goal. Melanie is still going to have to pay the bills that were incurred. If you would like to help you can CLICK HERE to go to Michael Giles’ Magical Medical Fund Page.

Michael got interested in magic when his father would entertain guests with simple “pocket magic” tricks including cups and balls. One evening young Michael snuck into his father’s room, found the tricks and learned how to do them. That started his lifelong interest in the art of magic. By the time he was 12, Michael was already entertaining audiences. With a firm commitment to the art of magic, he trained endless hours perfecting his craft and creating memorable magical innovations. Soon he began entering and winning magic competitions with his dove act.

Michael was discovered by the world renown, Magic Castle in Hollywood, where his impressive performance at the historical venue launched his career and placed Michael at international performance and competition levels. He would also win awards including “Stage Magician of the Year” and “Best Magic Show”.

michael-gilesHis talents and achievements forged his career, made him a star and gave him the chance to perform to standing ovations in over 16 countries across 6 continents, first as half of The Majestix with Stacy Jones and later with his own show with his loving wife Melanie.

He has accrued accolades, awards, and worldwide recognition, earning the distinction of an impressive cover story in Magic Magazine and Vanish Magazine. Michael was also featured on the covers of Las Vegas’ What’s On, “Vegas” magazine, and dozens more.

Michael Giles earned a reputation that placed him in high demand among the magic world’s major productions and venues. He starred in Dick Foster’s award winning “Spellbound” in Reno, “Spellbound”- The World Tour, “Eclipse” in Lake Tahoe, “The Sand Castle” in Guam and consecutive headlining engagements at “Caesar’s Palace” in Las Vegas. He also starred in the magic show Illusionarium on the cruise ship, Norwegian Getaway.
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He starred on a multitude of global television shows including Disney’s Magic and Beyond, and highlighting this merit with multiple appearances on NBC’S, “World’s Greatest Magic”. In recent years Michael and Melanie became regulars on Masters of Illusion television series on The CW Network. They also headlined the Masters Of Illusion live tour.

Michael Giles was not only an amazing performer but he was also a genius illusion designer and builder. His innovative concepts have inspired the magic world and magicians will perform his stage creations for years to come.

Michael presented a fusion of perplexing magic and spectacular illusions and then would present them in ways that were unique and exciting. The way his mind worked astounded his peers as he would combine ideas from different illusions to create something new and exciting.

michael-giles-melanieWith all these accolades, Michael Giles never developed an “attitude”. He never became a “diva”. His humility and grace are the very things that he will be remembered for the most. He always made time to meet other magicians and fans. He made people feel special, as if they were the most important people in the world.

Michael Giles has taken his last bow on this world’s stage but his magic will live on through the lives of the people he touched and inspired.


  1. Jeannie Mayberry says:

    Michael your magic and your wonderful self will be truly missed!

  2. Bob Porec says:

    Melanie Giles would like to contact the writer of this article

  3. Steven Juan Macillas says:

    Michael I learn some of the best Magic tricks from you in Fresno Ca. Back in the 80’s. Thank you. I still talk about you when people’s ask how I got so good. I give credit to you. I will miss you my friend.

  4. Linda Faye Smith says:

    Loved touring with Michael all through Europe. He was a doll. So honored I got to know him. RIP Michael
    Linda Faye Smith
    Production Manager Spellbound World Tour

  5. dirk arthur says:

    A great guy and a great magician.His departure was too soon.

  6. Ron Pascu says:

    Sorry to hear of Michael’s passing. He was a wonderful magician.

  7. Sue Walker says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I met your son Tyler 5 yrs ago at a Barrett Jackson event. He spoke of his father kindly. I was also introduced to the rest of the family that also spoke very highly of your husband and also Misty and Deans children Connor and Blake leaning all their magic tricks and seeming to want to follow in your husbands footsteps. The magic will not be lost I am sure. My deepest condolences to you and all of your family.

  8. Sue Walker says:

    My deepest condolences if your husbands passing. I had the pleasure of meeting your son Tyler and his wife at a Barrett Jackson event. He also introduced me to the rest of the family which we been freinds ever since. Misty and Deans sons Blake and Connor love their magic taught to them by your husband. The magic will just get better as the love for magic by those boys is wonderful. Your husband taught them well.
    Sue Walker

  9. Lawrence House says:

    Me and Mike grew up in the same neighborhood. I remember watching him do tricks for the kids in the neighborhood.

  10. One of the only magicians who did a good Metamorphesis sub trunk! GREAT MAGICIAN! Man… he was so good, tragic loss to the magic world, and wonderful to have seen him perform!

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