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Neil Patrick Harris Does Magic on Jimmy Kimmel Live



JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - KRISTEN BELL, NEIL PATRICK HARRISFor the second year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel teamed up with U2 front man Bono and the (RED) campaign to raise awareness and money to help fight AIDS. They assembled an amazing guest lineup to get the word out on Tuesday’s late-night episode.

Neil Patrick Harris joined DJ Khaled, Halsey, Bono, Kristen Bell, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, The Killers, and more on Tuesday’s (RED) edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The show kicked off the second annual (SHOPATHON)RED, featuring limited edition (RED) products as well as once-in-a-lifetime experiences with celebrities via OMAZE. World AIDS Day is December 1.

Neil Patrick Harris joined Kristen Bell to showcase his new deck of NPH Premium Playing Cards from Theory 11. these playing cards are elegant, intricately designed, and visually stunning. Every aspect was handcrafted with relentless, unrivaled attention to detail.

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE with KRISTEN BELL, NEIL PATRICK HARRISThe deck is advertised as being “Laced With Mystery” and claims that there is more than meets the eye with secret symbolism within the deck. NPH Playing Cards feature a custom Ace of Spades, Joker, box design, and modified court card typography. Even the INSIDE of the box has a custom, elegant gold foil pattern by Jay Fletcher. For every purchase of NPH Playing Cards, $1 will go to (RED)’s fight against AIDS, which can provide more than 3 days of life-saving HIV medication. You can purchase the deck from Theory 11. JUST CLICK HERE.
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After showing the cards to Kristen Bell, NPH performed an unusual card trick with his deck. First a card was chosen and Kristen Bell signed it. Harris tore the corner off the card, ate it and then restored it. Check it out.

Neil Patrick Harris also discussed his (RED) Omaze experience. He is inviting someone and a friend to join him and his husband for a night out in New York City to enjoy a Broadway show and dine at one of Neil’s favorite Manhattan spots. Flights and hotel included. For as little as a $10 donation you can win a (RED) Omaze Experience plus you will be helping get closer to the goal of an AIDS FREE GENERATION. There are many other cool NPH collectable prizes too. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

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