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David Copperfield Still Flying High at 60


Millions of people still wonder today how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty Disappear in 1983. Did it sink into the ground? Was it disassembled by his helpers? Was the New York City landmark the focus of an elaborate camera trick?

Not only did he vanish the Statue of Liberty but he also vanished a dining car from the Orient Express as well as a Lear Jet. He also survived Niagara Falls, walked through the Great Wall of China, escaped from Alcatraz and levitated over The Grand Canyon. He has flown onstage and rumor has it, that he has a live dinosaur and is regularly visited by aliens from another planet.

Davino The Boy MagicianHowever, Copperfield’s most amazing trick is how he has managed to remain relevant and influential over the span of five decades. While so many other great magicians have come and gone, he has stayed at the top of his game, consistently filling theaters in Las Vegas and around the world.

Today David Copperfield turns 60 years old. He began as “Davino, the Magic Boy”. This was not a name that sounded like a great magician or world famous  illusionist. But the eleven-year old David was so successful that even the Society of American Magicians noticed him with his tricks at parties and made him the youngest S.A.M. member in the history of the organization.

Young David CopperfieldBorn David Kotkin in Metuchen, New Jersey, He was the son of Russian immigrants. He began his career in New York and later in Chicago and quickly made a name for himself. The magician is considered one of the greatest storytellers in the business. His show in Las Vegas attracts thousands of visitors. The assets of the “Houdini of the desert”, as he was once called in “Forbes”, is estimated at more than 800 million dollars.

Among the awards that adorn his villa in Las Vegas are his 21 Emmys and a copy of the proclamation from the United States Congress identifying him as a “Living Legend”. He has also been honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of which recognizes his as one of the most popular celebrities of the United States.
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David Copperfield has a long list of accomplishments and awards as well as a long history with The Society of American Magicians.We will not recount everything he has achieved in this article.  Instead we merely ask you to join us in wishing David Copperfield a Happy 60th Birthday!

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  1. David Copperfield is the best!

    • I remember “growing up” at Tannen’s on Saturdays. Somebody asked me if I’d met “Davino” yet. I asked, what he did. They told me dancing cane, etc. I said, “But what does he do with cards or coins?” He said, “Not much.” I said, “Well, then he’ll never be anybody.”
      He’s handsomer than I am, slimmer than I am, more talented than I am, much more successful then I ever was, and he’s a month younger than I am.
      David Copperfield, you can kiss my @#$! (Just kidding, have a wonderful birthday, David!)

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